About Mark

Hmmm, let’s see. Take a Cardinal and Fire rich Aries Male, who’s Uranus is in Leo in the tenth house and ask him to talk about himself. What does this all mean? I think we may very well find out lol.

Each one of us is on our path. That path can lead us to many wondrous and magical places, and at times, to places of great growth. Mine has been no different. Since my early teens (quite some years ago), I have been enamored with a belief in something greater. Like all childhood creations I pursued, they were reflected back and that naturally perpetuated my studies. I have had the confidence to walk into holy places and ask questions in search of the esoteric answers. I am very happy to report this still remains true for me and as such, my teachers continue to step in, guiding me, both new and old.

I have been extremely fortunate that during my countless moves within Canada, the Bahamas and India, and my subsequent returns, I have been offered profound teachings from local holy teachers, mystics, shamans and seers that have helped me learn about my astrology, and have put me on my path to sound healing. My repeated journeys to the Canadian Arctic, Central America, and Europe have also offered many blessed routes on my path and with them many further insights.

Each new teaching brought deeper insights into the previous ones, each journey an opportunity to experience how the world could and would reflect back to me my new beliefs. Each and every time I was sure it all made sense, that I had found that elusive key or gateway, another teacher would step in and share an insight that opened the door even more. Then that child, teenager, young man and this man sit and revel at the new insight. My response has always been the same, we live in amazing times.

What is even more amazing is how this belief of anything is possible supports me continually. How a guru appears after each perplexing question. Such as the time I was sitting in a market place in Rishikesh India. While seeking a deeper understanding I had just received a holy man sat beside me unannounced, he then shared the answers to my unspoken questions. He stood up, hands in Namaste and left. I had yet to speak a word to him. It is amazing how many soft and quiet teachers there are in the world offering us inescapable pearls of wisdom. I love how they walk amongst us without fanfare or spectacle.

Interestingly enough it can occur in other ways as well. I was part of a sharing with a very spiritual friend, one who was obtaining her Private Pilots license. At the time I was working on my instructors license so the pairing made sense. We found it easier to share the principles of flight and protocols by speaking about them spiritually. So obvious, so simple and through it all we found it to be so very profound. It was the true meaning of synchronicity for us, two unrelated events coming together to make a deeper more meaningful event. Even the most mundane of conversations can be a blending of beliefs and understandings.


Does it help to know that I am a Sound Guide, Level 3 Reiki Practitioner and for many years have been delving ever deeper into the studies of the Tree of Life both in Kabballah and its off shoots, Astrology and Evolutionary Astrology, North and South American Shamanic Journeys and Traditions or that I am an Outdoor Guide, a Writer and a Commercial Pilot? (or that I like run on sentences?)

I do feel it helps to share how passionate I am. How my interests and passions have allowed me to share wonderful gifts with incredibly insightful people. That teachers have come to me and guided me to appreciate my abilities, to remain present in every moment and bring a world of experiences to each and every Ceremony. That I must value my gifts and my guidance, for when I do, others are able to feel and appreciate those very same gifts within themselves.

It is amazing how many soft and quiet teachers there are in the world offering inescapable pearls of wisdom.

One thing is for sure, that child and teenager within me has taught me to be available during all teachings, that there are always new keys and gateways. How to move beyond just looking at a tree, to actually walking around it and then seeing it for all it is, how to find the deeper meaning in it and then ultimately myself. When I do, each and every time, I am still pleasantly amazed to find a new teacher sitting waiting for me, ready to share a new key or gateway.

There is still so much more.
We live in amazing times.