From our first conscious moments we have looked up and wondered.

For thousands of years after existence took place, humans have collected and shared observations with others collecting observations. During that time, we have looked for signs around and above us to mirror what is occurring and understand how these signs influence us here. Whether by pattern recognition or Divine guidance stories have emerged to assist us, such as the perfect time to plant or when the tide is going to be the highest. Those simple details have shaped our life and changed our view.

With every group studying the lights in the sky, there have been signatures particular to where they live. This more than anything helps explain some of the confusion found in Astrology. It is why different people looking into your chart from around the world can reveal interesting insights. This is why two readings may be different. The premise though, the basic signatures will remain pretty much the same.

My preference in reading charts is to share with you the insights of Astrology by referring to known texts. It takes out the intuitive, perhaps, yet lets you determine what is valuable and what is up for further review. Naturally, in the beginning, learning how some of the sign posts helps. It is in concert together we can find those truths as they pertain to you, where the map (chart), reveals your answers. In essence, I am talking about teaching you to read your chart so you may learn what a particular celestial signature means to you. Then what you do with that knowledge, like knowing when the best time to plant is, can empower you and encourage a simpler life.

Astrology is an incredible journey filled with insights and “ahas” to why you do what you do. It is a path that will inspire you, have you awe struck and share with you the majesty of the heavens. It is a journey, like life itself, not to be missed.

Astrology: …a path that will inspire you, have you awe struck and share with you the majesty of the heavens.