The word Ceremony shows up quite regularly within this site and through my vocabulary. It pertains to different facets, although one belief. That belief is that everything is Ceremony.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that’s confusing. That said, if you allow me to see everything I do is a form of Ceremony and an honouring of my daily expression then perhaps it will seem easier.

In reference to this website there are really five key areas of Ceremony

1) Personal Ceremony

2) Personal Sound Ceremony

3) Group Sound Ceremony

4) Learning to Connect with Singing Bowls and

5) 40 days of Prayer.

Each leads to the same spot and yet each is a vehicle that offers each person a choice on how to get there.

Generally speaking whichever Ceremony calls to you will be different each time you attend. I have found this is the principle reason people continue attendance. It makes sense that if you are not the person you were yesterday, your Ceremony of choice should reflect that upgrade and meet you where you are present time, today. I can tell you that for me, I am always excited to learn a new way of expressing. It allows me to verify what is still in alignment and where upgrades are possible. I have learned first hand that as I move forward my personal Prayers and Ceremonies are called to upgrade regularly and move forward with me.

Ceremony is an envelope of gentle space that honours you, meeting you wherever you are on your path. It is about connecting within, reinvigorating yourself and when appropriate casting off those aspects or stories that are complete.

Personal and Group Sound Ceremony

Within the envelope of sacred space, connecting with the calming and soothing sounds helps to deepen your Meditation and/or Visioning. I play over 40 instruments including singing bowls, gongs and chimes. The singing bowls, played in an intuitive manner, offers our mind an opportunity to quiet. The vibration of sound blends with your bodies natural frequencies to restore them and in that restoration, you may feel an uplifted sense of self. In all Sound Ceremonies where singing bowls and other instruments are played, it is quite common for people to be so relaxed they doze off or reach a state where they feel their body asleep yet the mind is clear and present in a meditative state. This is perfectly acceptable and in some cases even encouraged.

Group Sound Ceremony is a magnificent experience that invites all to be part of the experience. Like skiers ski together yet experience the same path differently. Many attend regularly scheduled monthly or seasonally sound healing event(s) to allow their Sacred Vessel (body), to stay in tune.

Ceremony of sound healing with singing bowls is available in Toronto, Oakville and Ottawa. Book your ceremony today by emailing mark at Mark@Seraphimsupportedsound.com

During sound ceremony, several sound healing instruments are played to create an internal vibration that clears the chakras and offers an alternative healing approach to the attendee.

As each person receives differently, singing bowls may be placed on or beside them and in so doing the room becomes the entire experience, though it is the total group space experience that is important. It is also very common to be offered a piece of Birch prior to Sound Ceremony for intentions may be placed. These gifts are then offered back to Mother Earth through a Fire Ceremony or an intimate personal one.

Personal Ceremony is all about YOU.

Personal Ceremony is all about YOU. It has all the benefits of Group Ceremony with the added bonus of being in a state to fully receive. You will come to the studio or space and lay down, then the sound healer will put singing bowls around you play them to clear out any stagnant energy. The vibrations create a sonic bath and cleanse the energy centres.

Where guided, singing bowls will also be placed upon you taking the experience beyond the auditory and allowing vibrations to enhance every uplifting or clearing overtone. While profound in its ability to reach and support it is also a gentle experience Ceremony. This is a Ceremony that is repeated by many, regularly.

Perhaps the greatest response is when you open your eye with a sense of wonderment and softly say, I have no words to describe this, then laugh as you try to find them.

Learning to Connect with a Singing Bowls Sound Ceremony

Many that have attended Sound Ceremony are intrigued by sound healing and the singing bowls as a natural healing or alternative healing remedy. They look to have a similar experience at home or within their personal healing practice. Perhaps they are in the market for a singing bowl and want to know more. Or have a singing bowl and would love a more intimate experience with it. These classes are tailored for each participant to gain a broader sense of what is possible in finding the vibrations and playing the singing bowl.

Certainly playing techniques, types of helpers, singing bowl designs and materials are covered, yet it is how the singing bowl plays and what it has to share with you that is what most people find fascinating. How would you know unless you were shown? This is the point of this class.

Go deeper into your alternative healing practice by learning how to play singing bowls for sound healing and a stronger vibration.

Sound healing is a powerful alternative healing remedy. In addition to ceremony, this workshop is available for all. To book a sound ceremony or singing bowl workshop in Toronto or Ottawa, email Mark by clicking here.