Sonam Rinpoche



Sonam Rinpoche

When Madeleine (behind Rinpoche with white blessing scarf), owner of the Grail Springs, offered me the honour of playing the singing bowls for The Venerable Khenpo Sonam Rinpoche, I was thrilled to say yes and offer sound healing.

Sonam Rinpoche had come to bless the lands of the Grail, the buildings, staff and guests. So after making some adjustments to my week I was able to joyfully play the singing bowls for sound healing for him and all those being blessed. Upon the completion of the outdoor Sound Healing Ceremony, I learned that permission was given to bless Patience – a singing bowl I know many of you know well. I am thrilled to share that his was suitably impressed with Patience and chanted’ a prayer written 27 times on the side of the singing bowl.

Om Mani Pad Me Hum

He is a man who walks his talk…

After showing Patience’s many detailed engravings to a fellow monk, Gyalpo, (buddhist Monk to my immediate left in the tree), he shared with me how special the singing bowl was and then performed impressive blessing on the singing bowl. It turns out that Sonam Rinpoche loves sound healing and singing bowls and has a few himself. Upon returning Patience to me Gyalpo, pointed Sonam Rinpoche to the rest of the collection. Sonam Rinpoche smiled brightly at me as he got permission to play them. He went over and blessed the rest of the singing bowls as well.

What an honour to play for such a gentle man. Like all people of stature his story is inspiring. He is a man who walks his talk even when he speaks of being forced to flee Tibet; who speaks kindly of the people who tortured him and forced him into labour camps as he walked over a year to get to India. He is a warm-hearted man and a kind reminder of how each of us can face our day to day plights. It was a great honour to play for him and more to be honoured with his high blessings.